Print Solutions

Document Solutions
by pcMedia

All-of-Government (AoG) print solutions in partnership with
Brother/Konica Minolta.

In a digital world the way we manage documents is changing. Traditional print and scanning processes need to be updated to minimise waste, reduce over-investment, and improve the flow of documents.

Alongside efficient document workflows, there is still a need for the printing and scanning of documents, that’s why pcMedia has partnered with Brother to deliver a robust end to document solution, with the flexibility to meet your business needs.

Our partnership with Brother

pcMedia has partnered with Brother to deliver document solutions to schools across the country as a part of All-of-government.

This partnership provides an end-to-end solution combining an expert educational ICT company with a renowned print and document solution company. Both companies share a desire to provide robust, fit for purpose solutions that are simple, cost effective and just works.

School features and benefits:

  • Providing professional development and planning around document workflows and the consequent end point devices.
  • Removing any potential conflict between IT and print service providers. Implementing processes to ensure that any support requirement is resolved quickly, rather than being passed back and forth between providers.
  • Implementing cost recovery software based on the best fit for the school. Some commonly used products may add complexity or the need for additional IT infrastructure, such as print servers or custom network configuration. Cost recovery should only be used where it adds value to the school.
  • Streamlining scanning integration to meet the needs of the school and each department as required.