School Communication

Anywhere school phone access from your laptop or mobile

The Main User interface is very simple to use, just plug in a head set to your computer or mobile. Choose Computer, Desk-phone, Mobile App or a combination!


  • Easy Dial
  • Speed Dials
  • Contact list – can be searched by user within school
  • Call History
  • Voicemail access and set up
  • Do not disturb, Busy and Available notification
  • Screens look the same regardless of device. (incoming call example below)

School features and benefits:

  • Per user per month basis – school can grow and shrink, with the costs adjusted accordingly.
  • Simplified solution allows old hardware to be removed and support cost to reduce.
  • No customised network set ups for running the phone system.
  • One off set up investment, on-site PABX or Server based technology is removed, so no replacement or repair cost are required.
  • Removal of existing business lines into the school.

User features and benefits

A simple and affordable solution with all the features a school needs

Desk Phones

Desk phones available but not required, phone functionality works on a mobile phone and softphone.


Do not disturb activated at
button touch.

Hand Off

Hand off a call from one device to another, by parking the call then retrieving it on another device. Ideal if you need to move while still on a call. Easily switch a call from your desk to a mobile.

Cloud Solution

Anywhere-Anytime cloud solution, staff can call from anywhere (so at home in the evening) on their WiFi with the call displaying the school number.

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb activated at button touch.


Voicemail sent to email and transcribed into text.


Unified communications platform (Video Conference and Voice all in one application).


DDi numbers for all staffproviding direct access if required and simplified billing.

Communicate by pcMedia:
Bell, Paging and lockdown systems

Modernise your school bell and PA systems with a simple cost effective solution.

Integrate new technology and modern lockdown systems with existing hardware to provide peace of mind for your school.

  • Fully web managed and scheduled, programming of bells and basic systems can be accessed from any device
  • Old patching and dedicated network infrastructure can be decommissioned, reducing ongoing support requirements
  • The communicate solution can fully integrate with our phone solution, providing function simplicity and cost efficiencies.

1. Scheduled Bells

  • No schedule limits
  • Auto daylight saving adjust
  • Any bell sounds/music
  • Easy parent-teacher days
  • Configured via PC or tablet
  • Program changes in advance

2. Public Address

  • Schoolwide announcements
  • Targeted zones capable

3. Panic Alerts

  • Targeted alert recipients
  • Audible and/or visual alerts
  • Includes location of alert

4. Lockdowns

  • Flexible lockdown solution
  • Local & remote management
  • Disables scheduled bells

5. Advantages

  • Compatible with our phones
  • Leverages existing networks
  • NZ solution & local support

ask us about a simple assessment of your school needs

Bell, PA, Panic & Lockdown Components

Bell, PA, Panic & Lockdown Components Diagram

Vape & Security

One Platform to Simplify School Security

Today, many schools are investing in modern security technology to create safer learning environments.

Verkada is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that combines intelligent devices with an easy–to–use platform, making it simple to protect staff and students at scale.

Key benefits

Protect your campus perimeter

Lockdown doors in seconds
Lockdown doors from a panic button, web browser or mobile app while still allowing first responders access.

Detect vaping and bullying
Leverage sensor technology to detect smoking, vaping, and elevated noise levels in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Speed up

Proactively deter threats
Set proactive alerts for Motion, Vehicles, or People of Interest to be notified of intruders or suspicious after-hours activity.

Prevent unauthorised visitors
Conduct security screens with cloud– based visitor management that integrates with cameras and access control.

Improve reliability and minimise costs

Monitor from anywhere
Find, save, and share footage on-the-go. Plus, share live camera feeds with local authorities in seconds.

Secure facilities with ease
Set door schedules around school hours and provision staff with role–based access to privileged areas.

Bell, PA, Panic & Lockdown Components Diagram

“The sensors were up for three days before I received my first text alert. When vape smoke is detected we have immediate video context into the situation.”