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On-line back-up is the way of the future!

Instead of worrying about changing tapes and taking them home, an on-line backup product automatically saves your data to a Cloud centre.

On-line back-ups are more reliable, easy to use and can offer a back-up your system every 15 minutes.

There are several advantages of using an online cloud backup versus tapes or even hard drive backups. Using an online cloud backup is one excellent way to ensure that you don’t lose valuable data accidentally and it would always be available exactly when you need it.

Several things can happen to your data that is stored locally on a tape/hard drive, including:

Losing your hard drive or thumb drive accidentally.

People can be careless sometimes but that should not excuse us from losing valuable data to carelessness. With a cloud backup, you do not need to keep in mind that you have your hard drive or tape with you. You just need an internet connection and it will be just where you saved it last time. You’ll never have to lose those presentations and spreadsheets again.

Computer Crash

People lose data all the time and the most common reason for losing data is when a computer crash happens. A computer hard drive is a piece of hardware that does a lot of work and they have limits. There will come a time that it will eventually give up on you and you have to replace it. If you do not have your data backed up, you just have to painstakingly make do with a new and empty hard drive.

It doesn’t have to be a full crash, sometimes after you worked on a document and saved it to a folder, it can be corrupted once you try to open it the next time. That is why it is important that you have a redundant backup system that will make sure you don’t lose important documents.

Manmade or Natural Disaster

Let’s face it. As we are now aware we wouldn’t know when a disaster will strike. There could be a natural disaster like another earthquake, a tsunamis, or flooding that could affect us at any time and render your data useless. When this happens, you will lose all the data necessary for maintaining your business. With a cloud backup, you can avoid all these because when disaster strikes, you important data is saved in a different geological location.

The security of a cloud backup

It is very important that your documents are safe and secure. Our cloud backup systems encrypts your data as it travels to cyberspace. If you plan to backup your business in the cloud and are worried about the confidential information that you will store in cyberspace, you can be sure we offer a secure system.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a business. What matters is that you actually did something to make your data secure and disaster-proof. It is peice of mind, you will not lose data again. If you lose your hard drive or if your hard drive gets destroyed for some reason, you wouldn’t need to worry because you backed it up in the cloud. This is a very simple solution for individuals and businesses.

We work with various Cloud back-up products, including:

goBackup is a "peace of mind" backup solution that your budget will like, backing up your whole system at regular intervals during the day. These backups are then replicated to the Pacific Net data centre in Nelson. A seamless solution, very easy to recover single files or your whole system in the event of a disaster.

Safeguard your crucial business or personal data and recover when required, from wherever you are, any time. Secure online data protection - simple, automated and affordable. iBUS is available through our partner