Managed infrastructure services

Managed IT services
tailored to your business

Plan to reduce unnecessary hardware investment, while automating processes and removing expensive third party software.

Our Solution

Technology in New Zealand business is moving rapidly but is often held back by outdated infrastructure, complex systems, and a high need for onsite support.

The pcMedia model works by assessing the IT infrastructure, migrating away from complex, outdated or labour-intensive systems, to a proven model that ensures on-going onsite support is kept to a minimum.

Removing unnecessary investment on outdated hardware and systems is our key focus. Once your core infrastructure is working efficiently and a light touch support model is operating, all systems touching the core IT, from audio visual to print, document solutions to software applications, everything can be managed easily and efficiently.

IT Health Checks

Ask about our IT systems checks.

Network and Wifi Optimisation, IT Security assessment, back up and disaster recover planning, core Infrastructure, Hardware and Software Delivery, Digital Asset Management.

1. Infrastructure Management

Plan to reduce unnecessary hardware investment, while automating processors and removing expensive third party software. Complete digital asset management.

2. Network & WiFi

Optimising your network, configuring VLANs, eliminating WIFI flat spot and maximising data throughout.

3. IT Security

Protect against the latest threats with a site security performance review. Securely backup your data, from Google, Microsoft 365 or an on premise server.

Overview – The Steps We Take

Any change needs to be considered carefully and managed correctly.

Well before we even start working on-site in your business, we are planning and communicating with your team to ensure all preparations are made and expectations discussed. Once on-site work is complete, we do not leave until all your staff are familiar with the new systems.

From there we maintain your site and make sure we are there when you need us, through our New Zealand based online helpdesk and call centre.

Change Management and Personal Development of Staff


  • Scoping visit
  • Introduction to team
  • PLD communication (staff briefing)
  • Staff questionnaire


  • Project role out as per plan

Training and Handover

  • PLD Sessions
  • Technicans on hand


  • Helpdesk
  • Further PLD On-site support