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In the fast changing world of IT your business needs IT flexibility to keep it competitive.

You need an IT partner who keeps up with the rapid changes and can work out what is a good fit for your business and where it needs to go to. Through cloud computing your businesses can now quickly take up new technologies which will allow you to grown and unleash yourself from expensive server and hardware workstations. pcMedia has been supporting businesses in Marlborough for over 20 years. Our skilled team are here to support your business and unravel the world of IT.

We offer phone and remote support as well on site visits. We pride ourselves in offering solutions that fit the business's needs – and sometimes this requires some creative thinking -- aha our speciality! Nothing excites us more than a -- 'this can’t be done' site.

We provide managed network solutions including site to site access over managed virtual private networks enabling you to connect remote sites to a head off ice quickly and securely. Give us a call and we can come and see if you have the best IT solution to fit your business. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Fast and Efficient Repairs Fixed Quotes on Work and Products.


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